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"Today, I consider myself, the luckiest man on the face of the earth".

"Lou Gehrig Appreciation Day"
Yankee Stadium
July 4, 1939"

Baseball: The Early Years- Harold Seymour (1960)
Baseball: The Golden Age- Harold Seymour (1971)
Baseball: The People's Game- Harold Seymour (1990)
Walter Johnson: Baseball's Big Train- Henry W. Thomas (1995)
Philadelphia's Old Ballparks- Rich Westcott (1996)
Connie Mack's '29 Triumph- Bill Kashatus (1999)
The Great Encyclopedia of 19th Century Baseball- David Nemec (1997)
To Everything a Season:Shibe Park and Urban Philadelphia 1909-1976- Bruce Kuklick (1991)
Wrigleyville: A Magical History Tour of the Chicago Cubs- Peter Golenbock (1996)
Our Tribe:A Baseball Memoir- Terry Pluto (1999)


"The Iron Horse"

Baseball: An Illustrated History- Geoffrey Ward and Ken Burns (1994)
20th Century Baseball Chronoicle: History of Major League Baseball- David Nemec et.al. (1991)
Where They Ain't: Life and Death of the Original Baltimore Orioles- Burt Solomon (1999)
A Clever Base-Ballist: The Life and Times of John Montgomery Ward- Bryan Di Salvatore (1999)
Baseball's Pivotal Era: 1945-1951- William Marshall (1999)
The Pride of Havana: A History of Cuban Baseball- Roberto Gonzalez Echevarria (1999)
Our House: A Tribute to Fenway Park- Curt Smith (1999)
The Phillies Reader:History of the Phillies- Richard Orodenker (1996)
The Complete Armchair Book of Baseball- John Thorn (1987)
The Ball Clubs: Every Franchise, Past and Present- Donald Dewey and Nicholas Acocella (1993)



The Life That Ruth Built: A Biography- Marshall Smelser (1975)
Babe: The Legend Comes to Life- Robert W. Creamer (1974)
Rhubarb in the Catbird Seat- Red Barber and Robert Creamer (1968)
The Worst Baseball Pitchers of All Time- James and Allan Kaufman (1995)
When Women Played Hardball- Susan E. Johnson (1994)
When The Giants Were Giants: Bill Terry and The Golden Age of New York Baseball- Peter Williams (1994)
Judge and Jury: The Life and Times of Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis- David Pietrusza (1998)
July 2, 1903: The Mysterious Death of Big Ed Delahanty- Mike Sowell (1992)
Fenway: An Unexpurgated History of the Boston Red Sox- Peter Golenbock (1992)
We Played the Game: 65 Players Remember Baseball's Greatest Era 1947-1964- Danny Peary (1994)


The Cubs of 69: Recollections of the Team That Should Have Been- Rick Talley (1989)
Pennant Races: Baseball at Its Best- Daven Anderson (1994)
The Power and The Darkness:The Life of Josh Gibson in The Shadows of the Game- Mark Ribowsky (1996)
Get That Nigger Off the Field: The Oral History of the Negro Leagues- Art Rust (1992)
The Wonder Team: The True Story of the 1927 Yankees- Leo Trachtenberg (1995)
Baseball's Forgotten Heroes: One Fans Search for Baseball's Overlooked Players- Tony Salin (1999)
A Complete History of the Negro Leagues: 1884 to 1955- Mark Ribowsky (1995)
Sixty-One: The Team, The Record, The Men- Tony Kubek and Terry Pluto (1987)
Ground Rules: Baseball and Myth- Deeanne Westbrook (1996)
The Image of Their Greatness: Baseball 1900 to Present- Lawrence Ritter and Donald Honig (1979)


Baseball's Worst Teams: On a Clear Day They Could See Seventh Place- George Robinson and Charles Salzberg (1991)
Minor Players, Major Dreams-Brett H. Mandel (1997)
Memories of Summer:When Baseball was an Art, And Writing about It a Game- Roger Kahn (1997)
The Whiz Kids and the 1950 Pennant- Robin Roberts and C. Paul Rodgers III (1996)
Blackball Stars: Negro League Pioneers- John B. Holway (1988)
Cobb: A Biography- Al Stump (1996)
Honus Wagner: A Biography- Dennis DeValeria and Jeanne Burke DeValeria (1995)
At Fenway: Dispatches From Red Sox Nation- Dan Shaughnessy (1996)
The Jackie Robinson Reader: Perspectives On An American Hero- Jules Tygiel (Ed.)(1997)
The Lip: A Biography of Leo Durocher- Gerald Eskenazi (1993)


All My Octobers: My Memories of 12 World Series When the Yankees Ruled Baseball- Mickey Mantle (1994)
Tales From the Dugout: The Greatest True Baseball Stories Ever Told- Mike Shannon (1997)
Brooklyn's Dodgers: The Bums, The Borough and the Best of Baseball- Carl E. Prince (1996)
Play Ball: The Life and Troubled Times of Major League Baseball- John Feinstein (1993)
Crash: The Life and Times of Dick Allen- Dick Allen and Tim Whitaker (1989)
The Era: 1947-1957: When the Yankees, the Giants, and the Dodgers Ruled the World- Roger Kahn (1993)
The Men in Blue: Conversations With Umpires- Larry R. Gerlach (1994)
Don't Look Back: Satchel Paige in the Shadows of Baseball- Mark Ribowsky (1994)
Walter Johnson: A Life -Jack Kavanaugh (1994)
Baseball When the Grass Was Real: From the Twenties to the Forties: Told by the Men Who Played It- Donald Honig (Ed) (1975)


When the Game Was Black and White: Illustrated History of Baseball's Negro Leagues- Bruce Chadwick (1997)
The Last Yankee: The Turbulent Life of Billy Martin- David Falkner (1992)
Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract- Bill James (1988)
Just Call Me Minnie: My Six Decades in Baseball- Minnie Minoso and Herb Fagen (1994)
Ted "DOUBLE DUTY" Radcliffe:36 Years of Pitching and Catching in Baseball's Negro Leagues- Kyle P. McNary (1994)
Great Time Coming: The Life of Jackie Robinson From Baseball to Birmingham- David Falkner (1995)
Casey & Mr McGraw- Joseph Durso (1989)
The Baseball Chronicles- David Gallen (Ed.) (1991)
Rogers Hornsby: A Biography- Charles C. Alexander (1995)
Buck Leonard: The Black Lou Gehrig: An Autobiography- with James A. Riley (1995)


Tony C: The Triumph and Tragedy of Tony Conigliaro- David Cataneo (1997)
Jim Bunning: Baseball and Beyond- Frank Dolson (1998)
The Glory of Their Times: The Early Days of Baseball Told by the Men Who Played It- Lawrence S. Ritter (1993)
The Game I'll Never Forget: 50 of Baseball's Best Recall The History They Made- George Vass (1999)
Once Around the Bases: Bittersweet Memories Of Only One Game In The Majors- Richard Tellis (1998)
The Forever Boys: The Bittersweet World of Major League Baseball As Seen Through the Eyes of the Men Who Played One More Time- Peter Golenbock (1991)
Endless Summers: The Fall and Rise of the Cleveland Indians- Jack Torry (1996)
Roberto Clemente: The Great One- Bruce Markusen (1998)
Maybe I'll Pitch Forever- LeRoy Satchel Paige and David Lipman (1993)
Veeck As In Wreck: The Autobiography of Bill Veeck- Bill Veeck with Ed Linn (1962)


Superstars and Screwballs: 100 Years of Brooklyn Baseball- Richard Goldstein (1991)
Baseball and the American Dream- Joseph Durso (1986)
I Was Right On Time: My Journet From the Negro Leaugues to the Majors- Buck O'Neil (1998)
The Boys of Summer- Roger Kahn (1972)
Diz: The Story of Dizzy Dean and Baseball During the Great Depression- Robert Gregory (1992)
Addie Joss: King of the Pitchers- Scott Longert (1998)
Diamonds In The Rough: The Untold History of Baseball- Joel Zoss and John Bowman (1989)
Crossing the Line: Black Major Leaguers 1947-1959- Larry Moffi and Jonathan Kronstadt (1994)
For Love of the Game- Michael Shaara (1997)
Five Seasons: A Baseball Companion- Roger Angell (1977)
The Armchair Book of Baseball- John Thorn (Ed) (1985)
In The Shadows of the Diamond: Hard Times in the National Pastime- James Costello and Michael Santa Maria (1992)


The Babe in Red Stockings: Babe Ruth with the Boston Red Sox 1914-1919- Kerry Keene, Raymond Sinibaldi, David Hickey (1997)
Baseball's Great Experiment: Jackie Robinson and His Legacy- Jules Tygiel (1997)
The Pittsburgh Crawfords: The Lives and Times of Black Baseball's Most Exciting Team- James Bankes (1991)
Invisible Men: Life in Baseball's Negro Leagues- Donn Rogosin (1997)
Matty: An American Hero: Christy Mathewson- Ray Robinson (1993)
Baseball Babylon: The Real Stories Behind the Scandals that Rocked the Game (1992)
DiMaggio: The Last American Knight- Joseph Durso (1995)
Voices From the Great Black Baseball Leagues- John Holoway (1992)
The Heart of the Order- Thomas Boswell (1990)
Why Time Begins on Opening Day- Thomas Boswell (1984)
Baseball on the Web- Rob Edelman (1998)
This Side of Cooperstown: An Oral History of Baseball in the 1950's- Larry Moffi (1996)
Remember Roberto: Roberto Clemente- Jim O'Brien (1994)


Worst To First: 1993 Phillies- Philadelphia Inquirer (1994)
How Life Imitates the World Series- Thomas Boswell (1982)
Pure Baseball: Pitch by Pitch for the Advanced Fan- Keith Hernandez and Mike Bryan (1994)
Once More Around the Park: A Baseball Reader- Roger Angell (1991)
A Magic Summer: 1969 Mets- Stanley Cohen (1990)
Eight Men Out: The Black Sox and the 1919 World Series- Eliot Asinof (1963)
Josh and Satch: The Life and Times of Josh Gibson and Satchel Paige- John B. Holoway (1991),BR> Only The Ball Was White: History of Legendary Black Players and Black Professional Teams- Robert Peterson (1992)
DiMaggio: An Illustrated Life- Glen Stout and Dick Johnson (1995)
Babe Ruth: A Daughter's Portrait- George Beim and Julia Ruth Stevens (1998)


Pen Men: Baseball's Greatest Bullpen Stories Told by the Men Who Brought the Game Relief- Bob Cairns (1992)
Say It Ain't So Joe: The True Story of Shoeless Joe Jackson- Donald Gropman and Alan Dershowitz (1999)
The Boys of Summer of '48: The Golden Anniversary of the World Champion Indians- Russell Schneider (1998)
Nine Innings: Anatomy of a Baseball Game- Daniel Okrent (1994)
Lefty O'Doul: The Legend That Baseball Nearly Forgot- Richard Leutzinger (1997)
Eddie Mathews and the National Pastime- Eddie Mathews and Bob Buege (1994)
Baseball Chronicles: An Oral History of Baseball Through the Decades: 1911 to 1992- Mike Blake (1999)
Field of Screams: The Dark Underside of America's National Pastime- Richard Scheinin (1994)
Fear Strikes Out: The Jim Piersall Story- Jim Piersall and Al Hirshberg (1999)
The Ball Clubs: Every Franchise Past and Present- Donald Dewey and Nicholas Acocella (1993)


Early Innings: A Documentary History of Baseball (1825-1908)- Dean A. Sullivan (Editor) (1995)
Cobb: The Life and Times of the Meanest Man Who Ever Played Baseball- Al Stump (1994)
The Heart of the Order- Thomas Boswell (1989)
Iron Horse:Lou Gehrig in His Time- Ray Robinson (1990)
My Turn at Bat:The Story of My Life- Ted Williams and John Underwood (1969)
The New Baseball Reader- Charles Einstein (Editor) (1991)
Big Sticks: The Phenomenal Decade of Ruth, Gehrig, Cobb and Hornsby- William Curran (1990)
This is Next Year: Baseball Past as Seen Through the Eyes of one Brooklyn Family- Philip Goldberg (1991)
Epic Season: The 1948 American League Pennant Race- David Kaiser (1998)
The Catcher Was a Spy: The Mysterious Life of Moe Berg- Nicholas Dawidoff (1994)

Queen of the Negro Leagues: Effa Manley and the Newark Eagles- James Overmyer (1993)
Hornsby Hit One Over My Head: A Fan's Oral History of Baseball- David Cataneo (1997)
Encyclopedia of Major League Baseball: Team Histories American League- Peter C. Bjarkman (1993)
Encyclopedia of Major League Baseball: Team Histories National League- Peter C. Bjarkman (1993)
Jackie Robinson: A Biography- Arnold Rampersad (1997)
The Unforgettable Season: 1908: Cubs, Giants and Pirates in the Greatest Race of all Time- G. H. Fleming (1981)
American Baseball: Volume I: From Gentleman's Sport to the Commissioner System- David Quentin Voigt (1966)
American Baseball: Volume II: From the Commissioners to Continental Expansion- David Quentin Voigt (1967)
American Baseball: Volume III: From Postwar Expansion to the Electronic Age- David Quentin Voigt (1970)

The Athletics of Philadelphia: Connie Mack's White Elepants: 1901-1954- David M. Jordan (1999)
The Perfect Yankee: The Incredible Story of the Greatest Miracle in Baseball History- Don Larsen and Mark Shaw (1996)
Voices From Cooperstown: Baseball's Hall of Famers Tell it Like it Was- Anthony J. Connor (1998)
Lou Boudreau: Covering All The Bases- Lou Boudreau and Russell Schneider (1997)
Baseball As I Have Known It- Fred Lieb and Lawrence S. Ritter (1996)
John McGraw- Charles C. Alexander (1995)
It's Not Who Won or Lost the Game, It's How You Sold the Beer- Bob Wolff (1996)
Mel Ott: The Little Giant of Baseball- Fred Stein (1999)
Slide Kelly Slide: The Wild Life and Times of Mike "King" Kelly, Baseball's First Superstar- Marty Appel, Martin Appel, Lawrence Ritter (1999)
It's Good to Be Alive- Roy Campanella and Jules Tygiel (1995)


Fielder's Choice: An Anthology of Baseball Fiction- Jerome Holtzman (Editor) (1979)
Creating the National Pastime: Baseball Transforms Itself (1903-1953)- G. Edward White (1996)
The Babe Signed My Shoe- Ernie Harwell (1994)
The Curse of Rocky Colavito: A Loving Look at a Thirty Year Slump- Terry Pluto (1994)
Hardball- Bowie Kuhn (1987)
Now Pitching: Bob Feller: A Baseball Memoir- Bob Feller and Bill Gilbert (1990)
Cobb Would Have Caught It: The Golden Age of Baseball in Detroit- Richard Bak (1991)
The Great Rivalry: Yankees and Red Sox 1901-1990- Ed Linn (1991)
Fleet Walker's Divided Heart: The Life of Baseball's First Black Major Leaguer- David W. Zang (1995)
I Ain't An Athlete Lady:My Well Rounded Life and Times- John Kruk and Paul Hagen (1994)
The Pitch That Killed: Carl Mays, Ray Chapman and the Pennant Race of 1920- Mike Sowell (1989)


Baseball Lives: The Men and Women of the Game- Mike Bryan
Dandy, Day and the Devil- James Riley
Ted Williams: A Baseball Life- Michael Seidel
The Last Great Season- Donald Honig
The Ted Williams Reader- Lawrence Baldassaro (Editor)
The Ol' Ball Game: A Collection of Characters and Moments
October 1964- David Halberstam
The Babe: A Life in Pictures- Lawrence Ritter and Mark Rucker
The Baseball Hall of Fame 50th Anniversary Book- Gerald Astor
Golden Years of Baseball- Jim Kaplan







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