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Growing up in Philadelphia was both a curse and a blessing for a young boy who loved baseball. The city has been cursed with some of the worst teams of the millenium. No franchise in the history of baseball has lost more games than the Phillies. If you combine their dismal record with the A's, who won several World Series (but also had horrendous years), you begin to appreciate just how frustrating being a baseball fan in Philly can be. But we were blessed with one luxury that Dodger fans and Yankee fans could only dream about. We watched and played the sport for the love of the game. We weren't hung up on winning. We reveled in MOMENTS...not seasons....not wins.....not results. I can remember particular plays....home runs...situations....which in the long range scheme of things....meant nothing....but they linger in the memory regardless. The following pages are just less; an assortment of mental images, arranged in no particular order, for no particular reason. Only that they strike a chord in my mind...and bring back childhood days long past...

Cubs, Phils, Reds

Cards, Phils, Dodgers
Red Sox

How could you not love a guy named "Rip Repulski"??

Phillies, Houston

Reds, Phils, Indians

Farrell was a solid reliever for the Phils, and Post appears on this Topps Card in his airbrushed Phils hat and Reds uniform. Damn I loved these guys!!

Dodgers, Phils, Tigers

Pirates, Phils, Cubs, Reds

Another pair of "names" a little boy would never forget!!

A's, Phils, Dodgers, Indians
Yanks, Senators, Twins

Phils, Orioles,
Houston, Cubs

Valo spent fourteen years with the Philadelphia A's, but my memories of him involve a 10th inning pinch hit home run in 1960 or 1961. It won the game for the hapless Phils, and he immediately became a member of my mental "Hall of Fame". I met him thirty some years later and asked him about the home run. He recalled it, but a subsequent search of SABR home run records could not locate it. Maybe he was just trying to make an old man happy?
Roberts was truly one of the game's great pitchers. Philadelphia was blessed with his talents for many years. I've met him at several area memorabilia shows, and you couldn't find a classier guy!


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